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Reliable and Dependable Marine Environmental Services and Consulting 

Over 50 years of experience conducting scientific research, environmental monitoring, species collections, and special interest projects in Southern California.

Marine Services, Vessel Support, and Specialized Skills


Sediment Sampling

vibrocore, gravity core, piston core, box core, van Veen grab

Seaventures offers experience for any type of marine survey effort, with the primary goal of providing a suitable platform for conducting marine-related efforts and to offer technical expertise and solutions.

Biological Sample Collections

bongo and plankton nets, otter trawl, lampara net, purse seine, gill net, fish traps


Environmental Monitoring

water quality monitoring, CTDs, Niskins and rosettes, van dorns, ADCPs, cameras

Scientific Research

bathymetric mapping, ROVs, AUVs, instrument deployment and recovery, buoy and mooring deployment and maintenance, diving operations, and more.


R/V Early Bird II is a 42-foot U.S. Coast Guard-inspected research vessel.  Twin Diesel powered and equipped with two differential GPS’s with plotters, 2 kW color fathometer, radar, side-scan sonar, two VHF radios, two-meter radio, 21 kW three-phase generator, twelve-man life raft, GPS emergency positioning beacon (EPIRB), bunking space for up to six persons, and a thirty foot tower (crows nest) with helm controls. The large rear deck supports a 13-foot hydraulic A-frame (1-ton capacity); a deck winch with 5000-ft of cable; a large boom and boom winch; a thirty-foot bow plank for tagging marine mammals; three, 50-gallon bait tanks with two-inch water source capable of supplying additional tanks; low stern freeboard and a full beam width swim step and dive ladder along the stern for easy instrument launch and recovery. Most of these items can be easily removed or added, or the deck customized to meet the needs of any project.

*Additional vessels of various sizes are also available*


Seaventures frequently works with the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, NOAA, California Fish and Wildlife, local utilities and municipalities, Southern California ports, numerous engineering and environmental consulting firms, and private clients.

Early Bird II



"Seaventures always makes my life easier. They are experts in the field, offer solutions to any problem that arises, and provide the best platform around!"

Jerry Bluetone

"The Seaventures team is a joy to work with and always has the right tool for the job. They are professional, friendly, and accommodate every request and change of plans. Truly top notch customer service."

Amanda Margott

"Seaventures is my first choice for any marine project. Everybody wants to work with them, and they are very well known and respected."

Trisha Fox

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